Morton East students attend annual Six Flags Fright Fest event

Morton East students attend annual Six Flags Fright Fest event

Morton East Students have been to the annual Fright Fest that occurs in Six Flags Great America. 

According to ‘Wikipedia’, Fright Fest runs from late September to early November. Six Flags Great America features its annual Halloween event “Fright Fest. People, including students, would miss work and school for a whole day to enjoy the theme park. Although it sounds crazy, the lines and wait times for these rides get way too long on weekends. So, they try to avoid that by going through the week, when other students and adults are in school and work. ‘Wikipedia also states, “The event started small in the early nineties and has expanded significantly since then. During the event the entire park goes under the knife to be decorated into several different “Scare Zones” featuring haunted houses, frightening street characters, Halloween themed shows, as well as transformed rides.” So many people love the suspense that all the props, scary monsters, and the overall theme Six Flags has to offer. Over 3 million guests visited the park in 2017, ranking it among the top 20 amusement parks in North America for attendance In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 60 students reported that they went to Fright Fest, while the other 40 haven’t. 

Many of the students that were surveyed claimed to have gone to Fright Fest. 

“It’s always best to go with a group of friends. Makes the overall experience so much better,” junior student Alexander Orozco said.   

Many people that were surveyed agreed with Alexander and even added that they would much rather go with friends instead of family. 

What I disliked about fright fest were the prices on food and the long lines at almost every ride,” sophomore Valeria Serrano said. 

There’s no joke there about that. That’s why it’s good to have a membership because so many benefits come with being a member such as free or discounted snacks, a free cup that it is refillable at any drink station and a free photo from the rides 

My favorite ride is Joker because of all the spins and turns it has. I recommend this ride to anyone who loves roller coasters. This is next level of being on a roller coaster,” junior Jose Moreno said. 

Don’t ever eat something heavy before going on a roller coaster, you’ll regret it right after. 

“I‘ve heard many people talk about going to fright fest and how it’s a lot of fun and spooky that now I want to go and experience what’s all the talk about,” freshmen Adrian Ayala said. 

Going to Fright Fest is a great experience and is recommended that everyone goes whether its family or friends. There are things for everyone to enjoy there from the scenery, rides, games and the pricey delicious food!