Poms and Workout Long Out Throughout Our Years

Some of the hobbies we had so much fun doing and that kept us busy our junior year and most of our school year was dancing in poms and getting a pump in the gym.

 It was a Saturday afternoon and me and Adrian were hitting arms and back. We would do some things to warm up our arms and back before hitting dead lifts and that day was a successful dead lift day.

 Friday night gym sessions were always great. The gym would be empty, and it just be a bunch of my friends all hanging out. Sometimes we would be in there for hours.

 It was PR (Personal Record) day for dead lifts and I had to lift 335 pounds for it. In the end I was able to do it.

A memory that I will cherish forever will have to be being able to dance all my 4 years on poms! It was a way to deal with stress and many other things.

Poms helped me with so much much throughout the seasons and I won’t ever forget that and the amazing family and friends I made.