Memory Capsule to freshman year

Lauro Gonzalez

We all have our own memories and we also have memories that we share with other individuals. 

Make America Great Again: We all remember when Donald Trump was running for president and how upset people were. If you do remember social media posts from this time you’ll recall the posts saying “I’m moving to Canada.” 






Fly the W: Everyone remembers the cubs winning, shortly after the championship everyone had W banners and stickers everywhere and we were proud Chicagoans. 







Rio de Janeiro Olympic games: If like me you’re into sports you’ll recall the Olympic games of 2016 we were all transitioning from middle school to freshman beginning high school full of mixed nervous emotions watching the games to ease our mind. Summer 2016 where we all sit at home watching the games eagerly as we cheer on. 






New England Patriots take the win at the 51 Super Bowl: Super Bowl is one of the most viewed televised events and everyone loves it. The Patriots taking the victory had a lot of people jumping with happiness while Falcons fans were upset over the turn out of the game. 






Lady Gaga Performance at the 2017 Super Bowl: A lot of people watch the super bowl for the halftime show and you’ve got to admit that it is always nice watching it with excitement and later finding social media posts about it.