So, you want to be a high school teacher

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So you want to be high school teacher

Teachers the ones who plants seeds and the ones who we should be thankful for their endless time of hard work.

All you need to be a high school teacher is a bachelor’s degree. Illinois State University is one of the colleges in Illinois best known for training teachers. Teens who are planning to attend ISU after community college have a chance to apply for the merit- based community college transfer scholarship for $2,000, and it’s renewable for two years. The cost to attend ISU IS $28,295.  Northeastern Illinois University is a school that offers a degree for less:  about $6,000 for semester for tuition and fees, or about $13,000 for the year.   To save money, you should consider taking general education courses at Morton College for the first two years.

Who can do this- Anyone who loves working with children likes to persuade others and motivates and knows how to inform people.

Skills that are necessary- Patience, assertive, communication skills and passionate

What does it take- Requirements are a high school degree and at least a bachelor’s degree

Where can you get it – You need a bachelor’s degree and complete an approved teachers training program will take about a year to complete

Why should you do it? One of the benefits on being a teacher is that you are insured medical, dental and vision coverage and are members of a union and summer vacation.

How much will you make- Starting salary is $50,700, median wage $66,260 and experienced about $87,320


Karen Judge

What made you become a teacher? Honestly, I decided my original major (communications) was kind of useless. I had a full scholarship and needed something I could complete with only two years left. Communications is my minor.

Was there any inconvenience in were you wanted to give up on pursuing your dream? I am not sure I really had dreams. At one point I wanted to be an actress. I did teach theater here for a while.

Did you had other goals that wasn’t being a teacher? At various times I considered acting, psychiatry, and law.

When you became a teacher who were there to congratulate you? I was only the second person in my family, immediate and extended, to graduate from a university. (My sister was the first.) My undergrad degree was from a New York university, so only my parents were there. My master’s degree was here. My mother and sister wen, and my brother had a party for me.

Have you ever had the thought of teaching at a university? Yes, but our benefits are better.

What are the benefits of your job?  SUMMERS!

What do you find most enjoyable? When students really figure something out that they hadn’t thought of nor known before, and they want to discuss it.

If there was one thing you can change about the school environment what would it be? Better facilities and supplies for the students… air conditioning.

Has our government failed us by not investing money in schools and afterschool programs?   YES! They have to stop supporting private schools and vouchers and fix the public school system. Our military budget is at an all-time high, but educational funds decrease.

If you had permission from the administration to have a club what would it be?  A club for those who really have no idea what they want to do with their lives.



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