Best piercing of 2019

Ear+are+the+best+piercing+spot+of+last+year%2C+according+to+East+campus. -- Ear Piercings - Multiple Ear Piercings Inspiration For You

Ear are the best piercing spot of last year, according to East campus.

Daniela Vargas and Sebastian Pineda

So, what was the most popular place to pierce last year?   Body parts that help us hear and smell; the face was accessorized the most.

Ears are the best place on one’s body to get piercings in 2019, the survey says. In a random survey of 50 Morton East students, 19 selected ears as their preferred place to get a piercing.

There are about 14 different spots in the ear where one can get a different piercing type. Each spot where one can get their piercing has a different amount of pain that one can experience a needle is punctured in the ear for the spot where the piercing will go. Lobe piercings are the most commonplace people get their piercing.

In second place was 18 for nose piercings. In third place was 13 for other piercing options — chin and other unmentionable places. Tied for fourth place were eyebrows and lip piercings with 3 votes.

Last place with 2 votes was tongue piercings.