Memories of Senior Year: Bruh moments of 2019-2020

Senior year was an interesting year for most of us, here some bruh moments from this school year.

(Right) Strobe lighting that canceled the first half of the school day: On a rainy and snowy Halloween morning the lights in the school were flickering uncontrollably and were thought to be intentional. That was not the case and ended up being an electricity issue and delayed school hours.

Morton Dinosaur: On September 6th a student was roaming the halls donning an inflatable T-rex suit. That was funny, to be honest.

The lockdown: On the tenth of December there was lock-down that delayed the school day and dismissal of students. Everyone had mixed reactions to the situation.

The quarantine: The quarantine is probably one of the biggest bruh moments the school has endured. The situation has delayed school events to the point of cancellation.

Theater dance: this is a personal one, but its two idiots dancing in the auditorium. How did they get there? No one knows.

The ending of Unusual Morton Images: This Facebook page has existed since late 2017, it has 5 formal pages and has through many takedowns by school staff. After all these months of making students laugh they are finally retiring on the 21st of may.