Morton East joins the fight!


Ashley Alcaide, Haven Ramos, and Francisco Ruiz

Here at the Morton East Otaku club, members joined a Super Smash Bros tournament against seven students from other schools, with an almost E-sports atmosphere.

Mr. Elkins hosted the event. With 15 students invited and 7 showing up, the competition was all set. Morton East ended up in third while Morton West got first. The Smash series has always been one to remember, whether it be its soundtrack, the characters, the fights, or just the overall gameplay; there really is no special reason why this event went so great.  

“It was fantastic. I think our students enjoyed seeing what the future at East has in store for, math teacher and tournament host Mr. Elkins said. 

If you been living under a rock, an otaku club is essentially a club where people who like gaming, anime, manga, comics, movies, etc. hang out and do whatever it is they do. Also known as the “nerd,” club, otaku club is the biggest club at Morton East has to offer.  

For those who are unsure or unaware, an otaku is the Japanese word for someone who are obsessive nerds who enjoy things like anime, manga or video games. Often confused with weeaboo or weebs, otakus are decent people. I know because I work with one (Francisco). Despite being a “derogatory term,” Otaku is nothing but a label for those who enjoy their anime and manga. 

Morton East has had its own share of “Bruh,” moments. Whether it be the “devious lick,” trends, people trying to set an unusual Morton image of our constant fights; none have come close to the video game arguments. No matter where, who, when, why, and what you’re going to hear an argument about gaming. Despite this Otaku club plans on making a tournament for games such as Overwatch, Fortnite, Rocket League, Valorant, LoL (League of Legends), and 2K. So if you love to argue with others about there skill or, show off your skill, show them if you play any of these games! 

During the super smash competition, a student from Morton West competed and actually won. The winner of this competitive game was Victor Rodriguez.

It was fun while it lasted, congrats to Victor. We are expecting Morton East to win this time and we are hoping we will see you at future tournaments.