Seniors ready for graduation

Ivett Meraz and Arly Hernandez

The time has come for Morton East/West seniors of class 2021; graduation is just around the corner — and most are excited.

In a random survey of 50 seniors graduating, 38% of students said they feel excited about graduating and 12% feel nervous about graduating. The seniors that will graduate this 2021 feel confident and look forward to the ceremony. According to “Grown and Flown”, parents of senior students feel terrible for their own kids because they believe this pandemic made decisions for the seniors, decisions they had to make, but even so, they’re looking for a unique graduation experience.  According to the article “War Cry”, everyone is on the same page, the senior year was cut short and seniors are upset because it is supposed to be the most memorable high school year. As the year ends, everyone wants to at least make this year exciting by making the graduation worth everything lost.  According to the article “Music Health”, seniors feel more than just excited because even during hard times they were able to look forward and get the education they needed. Seniors feel that they have overcome a big obstacle and cannot wait to kiss goodbye to high school.  According to “Wall Street Journal” the class of 2021 opened a wound for last year’s class of 2020, they didn’t quite get what the class of 2021 will get for senior graduates. Most of the U.S. high schools, colleges, and universities will have ceremonies happening but take precautions by holding them in open areas.  Not many of the events such as “proms” will happen but for sure graduation will. 

“(I’m) glad because I never really thought I would make it this far, but I’m so happy it’s finally over,” Morton East Senior Sergio Camargo said. 

Even though, some students are excited to see what their future has for them others feel otherwise.  

“I’m a little alarmed. I don’t know what’s going to happen after high school and it feels scary having to plan the rest of my life,” Morton East Senior Claudia Velasquez said.  

Lastly, emotions can be all over the map when it comes to accomplishing something.  Your emotions get the best of you but in the end, you feel great regardless because you have made it a long way.  

“I’m relieved; graduation needs to hurry up because I want to start college already,” Morton East senior Yarily Alfaro said.  

Many mixed feelings and thoughts from our seniors are having, many plans they all have in mind, but for sure sound ready to finish the last step of their high school year.