Is Cicero haunted?

Audelina Vargas and Carolina Ortiz

Cicero was first settled in 1830s and discovered in 1857. Many believe that there are haunted places in Cicero. Some say Morton East High School is haunted and Morton College. There are many houses haunted in Cicero and around old buildings.

Emily is a spirit seen and heard in the campus of Morton College. She was murdered near the Laramie Bridge by the school before the school was built. Security at the school have seen Emily’s spirit wonder around the rooftops at night, and theatergoers have heard Emily in the theater, especially during violent plays that contain murder scenes. Morton College is said so to be haunted by a girl named Emely who died before the school was even built. Many people haven’t heard about the story and some people believe the story on Emily haunting Morton College. There are a couple of students that have experienced hearings and suspicious acts at the campus that don’t want to believe in Emily but the acts have them worried

Also a lot of stories have also been going around about Morton East being haunted. There are stories about a boy who drowned in a pool. The teenage boy, Richard L.Jagmin actually drowned in the pool in the new building that was opened in 1968, the year before. He was found dead in the 12ft section of the pool at 10:45 am in November of 1969. Many people believe that the school auditorium is haunted because of a teacher who died by a heart attack in there. Also there was a construction worker who supposedly died while they were building the auditorium.

“I haven’t experience any ghost related stuff yet” Elwyn the new security guard said.

He also said that he hasn’t worked any night shifts and it would be creepy working here at night.

“The only ghost I believe in is Casper the ghost” Scooby the security said.

Many people also heard about the Morton college story. There are many sides to the story.

“I heard about that story and supposedly they built the school on top of her” A senior said.