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Joker is East’s favorite villain

Kevyn Sanchez, Reporter

December 1, 2019

Joker is the Morton East favorite villain.   In a Random survey of 62 students the Joker had More than half of the votes. In our surveys we also had Thanos, Cat woman and venom. Venom had 13 votes leading him in 2nd place....

School injuries at Morton East

Eduardo Rodriguez, Julian Rodriguez, Jonathan Avelar, and Brenda Arce

October 31, 2019

According to the Center for Dease Control’s (CDC) health statistics report “An average annual estimate of 8.6 million sports- and recreation-related injury episodes was reported, with an age-adjusted rate of 34.1 per 1,000 pop...

Is Cicero haunted?

Audelina Vargas and Carolina Ortiz

October 31, 2019

Cicero was first settled in 1830s and discovered in 1857. Many believe that there are haunted places in Cicero. Some say Morton East High School is haunted and Morton College. There are many houses haunted in Cicero and around...

Senior student has ghostly experience

Adrian Martinez, JohnAntony Molina, jorge godinez, and kevin reynoso

October 31, 2019

About half of us here at East probably believe in ghosts. In an informal class survey, 15 students claim ghosts are real while 15 do not believe in them.  Also, eight students claimed to have experienced something paranor...

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