NBA Playoffs Commence

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35 of 100 tune in yearly to the NBA Playoffs.

The yearly NBA playoffs at the end of  the regular season has commenced 8 teams 2 conferences only 1 potential Winner. According to since 2015 an estimated 58 million people tune in yearly in order to watch the NBA playoffs. A survey of a 100 students was conducted and 35% of those students said they tune in to the yearly NBA playoffs.

When students where asked if they yearly tune in for the playoffs and why they had this to say.

“Yeah i usually tend to watch my favorite teams play and root for one team to win it all since the Chicago Bulls are not in the picture i dont have the ability to do it. The tension of a playoff NBA game is crazy teams  are fighting to win it all and go down as the best, i want to be able to see every team win year in and year out”,  Junior Alan Leon said.

Some other students do not tune in yearly like Alan.

“No i’m more of a soccer type of guy the sport of basketball does not interest me since there is constant back and forth of scoring or the ability to score so often is boring in soccer i love the excitement that comes from scoring a goal or the hype of to it”. Senior Alexis Gonzalez

“I don’ stay tune with the regular season but when the playoffs are on. I don’t like being bothered and I’m so pumped I want to Houston to take it all” , Josefat Martinez said.

Josefat is one of the few kids from east who watch the playoffs as well as Alan


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