Morton West’s musical “In the Heights” trends on social media

Giselle Camacho, Student Reporter

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The musical, “In the Heights” performed at Morton West by their theater club was trending all over social media in the past week. 

This musical was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda who’s best known for his other musical “Hamilton”. This musical was nominated for 13 Tony Awards and won the Tony Award for best musical. A couple of other awards this musical won are best choreography and best orchestrations. Morton West then chose this to be their musical for the year, over 101 students participated in this and worked incredibly hard to the standards the musical had which paid off because after a few of their performance it started to trend on multiple social media platforms. The story is set over the course of three days, involving characters in the largely Hispanic-American neighborhood of Washington Heights in New York City facing their problems. 

“The musical was such a big hit because it’s a musical that everyone can enjoy. Like the jokes can be easily understood by adults and children and there are so many things in this musical that people can relate to. Also, the students with main character roles did such a great job in bringing their character to life” Morton West student who was a dancer in the musical, Deanna Vorhees said. 

This musical is something that could be enjoyed by everyone. The problems the characters face are things people can relate to from money problems to losing someone special. Those who can especially relate to it would be those from a Hispanic/Latino community.   

“This musical was amazing. Personally, I was able to relate to the Hispanic/Latino background and the problems the characters faced since I’m an immigrant. The students did a really good job performing” member of the audience said.  

Overall the entire musical was great from the songs and orchestra to the choreography and the stage set. Each performance/act was great but there was a favorite of the audience that stood out a little more than the others. 

“In my opinion, the performance/act the audience enjoyed most was a dance scene called “Alsa la Bandera” because it was when all the characters and dancers (basically everyone) were on stage dancing. Everyone came together and made something awesome” Morton East student who was playing in the pit orchestra, Karla Garcia said.

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