Take part in Morton East’s 2018 first semester Lock-In

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Take part in Morton East’s 2018 first semester Lock-In

Lyla Rivera and Alan Lopez

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Morton East High School SAALT (Student. Activities. Athletic. Leadership. Team) club is hosting their 1st-semester lock-in of 2018 on November 20th, an expected of about 55 students are set to attend  

 Lock-ins have been around since the ’80s, most commonly in high schools and churches, with the same concept of staying on campus overnight just with a different purpose. Here at Morton East High School, SAALT is hosting their first-semester Lock-in that will provide students and staff with activities and food to munch on when watching a movie or after a long swim in the pool. Activities include playing games, sports, bouncy houses and a new addition to this year’s lock-in, a mechanical bull, which students can ride. The Lock-in will begin at 10 pm on Tuesday and will carry over to Wednesday morning at 6 am. Tickets sold at 20$ with a signed permission slip, tickets will not be sold at the door. Only hosted twice a year, the idea of having a lock-in seems to be dying off.  In a limited survey of 10 Morton East students, 0 will be attending the lock-in.  

For some students, the lock-in does not seem to be their top priority 

“I’m not going, I was told by friends that it was very boring, so I don’t see the point of going,” Senior student Alejandra Morales said.  

 Other than not going Students still wonder why Morton East hosts a lock-in only twice a year.  

“We found out that having a lock-in, often caused students and staff to miss school on Mondays, bringing the attendance down, so now it is only done twice a year, often hosted before breaks letting people recover from a long night,” literacy lab teacher Mr. Sujak said. 

 Although lock-ins are not held often, it is still a perfect opportunity for teachers to raise money for their clubs.  

 “It’s student funded, and all the money made is then distributed to other clubs,” Journalism teacher Mr. Frankfother said.

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