Morton East seniors ditching on senior ditch day

Jose Castillo, Jose Guzman, and Rolando Vences

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Nearly 90 percent of Morton East seniors are going to ditch on senior ditch.

According to Wikipedia senior ditch day is a tradition in some Americans schools where the majority of the senior class skips schools. Schools may severely punish students for willfully being absent from school to the extent of assigning detention, suspending, students, or even going so far as to provide a failing grade or withdrawing college recommendation. It takes place every year this decision isn’t always as easy because some teachers have also altered grades for students not in class on senior ditch day. In a random survey of 100 Morton east seniors 88 said that they would be ditching on senior ditch day.

“Well I think senior ditch day is a great idea for seniors to ditch because we got to follow the tradition that’s been around,” senior Fernando Huerta said.

Solis has a different approach for ditching on senior ditch day.

“I won’t be ditching on that day because I have a really important assignment due so that’s my excuse of why I won’t be ditching on that day,”  Senior Saul Solis said.

Other senior don’t have important assignments that day.

“Of course I’m going to ditch it’s my last year and I have to have fun other way I got nothing important to do that day,” senior Gustavo Astudillo said.


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