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How to unblock your senior free laptops

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Junior Anselmo Quezada, TSI student fixing a Senior’s laptop.

Graduating seniors will be able to keep their laptops but they will have to go through a process after finals days to keep it unblock.

Morton East Class of 2018 was the first class to receive Dell laptops their freshman year of high school. Computer technology in classroom settings has evolved beyond drill, today’s technology can provide teachers and other school faculty with greater opportunities to bring information to their students. This allows educators to prepare students for the future, both in their personal and professional lives. Computers grant access to the Internet, which hosts academic research and offers educational support. Historical records and social organizations are only a click away, providing a wealth of information for students. Dell education solutions help schools effectively use technology, increase teacher productivity and engage students.

To help us answer more questions about graduating seniors and their laptops we were directed to Ms. Samantha Skubal Director of Instructional Technology for the Morton District and she was able to answer our questions on this topic.

Q & A

1. Are all graduating seniors able to keep their laptops and if so free of charge?

Yes! They are able to keep their laptops after they graduate. In order for the laptops to work after graduation, students need to turn in their laptops to TSI during Senior Final days (May 16th-18th) in order to be re-imaged. Seniors will then receive a pass to pick them up the following week. Any laptop that is not re-imaged will only work for the first 90 days after graduation.

2. Will students who drop out or will not be graduating also able to keep their laptops?

No, students who drop out or are not graduating will not be able to keep their laptops. Any student who withdraws from the school will need to return their laptops to TSI or pay the lost laptop fee.

3. Will all computers be unlocked from all blocked websites?

Yes, if students have TSI re-image them, they will be unblocked from all blocked websites.

4. Will the teachers still be able to monitor school issued laptops?

No, teachers will not be able to monitor the laptops after they are re-imaged.

5. Can students come back and get computer issues fixed after graduation? (With charge and without)

No, students cannot come back and get computer issues fixed after graduation. They will have to take their laptop to another retailer, such as Best Buy’s Geek Squad, or call Dell themselves for any issues after graduation.

6. How much do you think these computers are worth?

According to gadgetvalue.com, a 2014 Dell in working condition, with a screen and battery in good condition, is worth $421-$438

7.How long do you think they are going to last before I need a new computer?

Depends on how well they have been taken care of, so that is hard to say because it varies.

8. What are some tips you can give seniors to keep their laptops in the best shape possible and last them the longest?

Tips to keep your laptops in the best shape possible:

  • Keep that plastic keyboard cover ON! I know many of you like to take them off, but they protect your keyboard keys and the parts inside from foreign materials like crumbs, dust, etc.

  • Turn off your laptop frequently. Many of you just put your laptop to sleep, which is not enough rest for your laptop after all of the work it does.

  • Make sure your laptop is shut down when you put it into your backpack or you are carrying it around. If the laptop is “awake”, this puts your hard drive, which holds all of your data, at risk of failing.

  • Once your laptop is re-imaged, purchase or download a virus/malware software to protect your laptop. So far, your laptop has been protected by Morton’s system. Once you are re-imaged and on your own, you will not have this luxury.

  • Even with a virus/malware software, be careful of the websites you are going on or what you are downloading. Even the most effective virus/malware software can miss something.

  • Just take care of it…don’t throw it, don’t submerge it in water, don’t drop it down the stairs, don’t let your dog eat it, don’t eat hot cheetos while typing a paper on it, don’t let your little sister play with it, don’t spill that red gatorade you are drinking on it, don’t use it as a foot rest…you get the point.

9. If students are not getting their laptops unlocked by the school is there any way we can do it ourselves?

Like I said above, after 90 days, all software on the laptop will be inactive, unless the student gets the laptop re-imaged. At that point, the laptop will only be useful if the student purchase his/her own software and downloads it onto the laptop. So, to answer your question, yes, you can do it yourself, you just will have to purchase your own operating system software.

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2 Responses to “How to unblock your senior free laptops”

  1. Ari Flores on November 2nd, 2018 10:26 am

    It’s great to know that as seniors we get to keep our laptops. This article was great and it also made me realize that i need to shut down my laptop more often rather than just putting it to sleep.

  2. Adan Ortiz 2 on February 15th, 2019 10:36 am

    Is that possible

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How to unblock your senior free laptops