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Bringing your own laptop to school

Vanessa Munoz, Journalist

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At Morton East you are not allowed to bring your own laptops to school due to hacking to websites.

87% of American teens ages 13-17 have or have a desktop or laptop computer. White teens are more likely to report having a laptop with 91%. 81% of Hispanic youth and 79% of African American youth. Household incomes and education level also is involved with these statistics. Teens whose families earns less than $50,000 a year are less likely to have a laptop.

According to Mr.Gamboa your personal computer isn’t allowed at school because students can get into website they aren’t suppose to. Students have their own for school purposed.

Some students had no idea you couldn’t bring your personal computer.

“I didn’t even know we weren’t allowed to bring our own. It was never mention,” said Eric Hernandez.

Some students believe it doesn’t matter if they bring their own.

“I know some students laptops don’t work or are being fixed and work is done in the laptop so we have no choice to bring our own if we want to do work on time,” said Pedro Rodriguez.

Students believe your personal laptop isn’t allowed due to a hacking.

“I remember seeing a snapchat, it was the Morton website that got hacked and it a lot of curse-words and since we cant do much with our laptop, having your own you can access any website.”

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Bringing your own laptop to school