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Agressive Driving: Don’t do it

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70% of students at Morton East, said that they get road rage when they’re trying to get to places or even get to school.

Road rage is an aggressive or angry behavior exhibited by a driver of a road vehicle, which includes rude gestures, verbal insults, physical threats, or dangerous driving methods targeted toward another driver or a pedestrian in an effort to intimidate or release frustration. Road range can lead to altercations, assaults and collisions that result in serious physical injuries or even death. According to a study by the AAA Foundation for traffic safety that examined police records nationally, there are more than 1,200 incidents of road rage on average reported per year in the U.S. 66% of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving. 37% of aggressive driving incidents involve a firearm.

Some people get too angry while they’re driving.

“A car was going slow in front of me, so I went to the next lane and it tried going in front of that car and I almost crashed into another car,” Senior Michelle Parra said.

Sometimes you have to skip people in order to get to your destination faster.

“I always get mad when people are going 25 on a 40 speed limit. Especially when you get mad at them and honk at them, thats when they slow down way more just to get you mad,” Junior Juan Ramos said.

Others, believe that it’s very hard to not get bothered.

“(I hate), inconsiderate people. People who feel that their time and where they’re going is more important than where everyone else is going. All it takes to drive is to merge. It’s very easy. But there’s always some jerk that messes it up,” Mr. Frankfother also said.

There are a few people that think through the outcomes that can happen when driving.

“Whenever I get angry I remember that I need to calm down because I don’t want to get in an accident. I can’t afford it,” Mr. Frankfother said.

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Agressive Driving: Don’t do it