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Advance Placement classes worth a penny

This is the AP schedule for 2018.

This is the AP schedule for 2018.

This is the AP schedule for 2018.

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Taking advance placement courses has always been recommended for high school students since it’s beneficial for them.

When a student takes an advance Iplacement class they have the opportunity to receive college credit if you pass the exam with with a three or above. If you don’t pass the exam it wont affect you. Advance placement test are at the same time all over the country they are graded electronically and by trained readers. The Advance placement exam fee is 94 and you need to take the Advance placement course in order to be able to take the test. The Advance placement schedule starts Monday May 7 and finishes Friday May 18. Many students have concerns about this since the last day of school is May, 17 and many are going to come back the next day to do the exam.

” I think it sucks to go back to school the next day for Micro because everyone else is already going to be enjoying their vacations,” senior  Jackie Castro said.

Moreover Jackie is not the only one that feels like this.

” I feel stressed I just quit my job but it was hard having AP classes because I had to work and do my homework and go to school cook for myself and clean everyday,”  senior Gabriela Nava said.

In addition this Advance placement exams are not just stressing Gabriela and Jackie its stressing many more students.

” AP classes are really stressful and a lot of work specially for those people who have to come back after the last day of school but I don’t think they should blow it off and not come because at the end of the day its worth it, and it can give you college credit and if you fail it wont count against you,” senior Jenny Medina said.

Not everyone feels the same about taking advance placement classes.

” I feel like its preparing me more,” said senior Alondra Torres.




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Advance Placement classes worth a penny