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Carrier profile: Assistant Behavior Analyst, Autism Therapy

Lizet Quiroz

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This is Danielle Ziganto; she is an Board certified assistant behavior analyst. A Board certified assistant behavior analyst  woks with children with autism. they work with other colleges to teach children positive behavior. Age varies from 2-8 they try plans  that are focused on early intervention or school readiness. A board certified assistant behavior analyst responsibilities are to  Run a client’s treatment plan and follow behavior plans to stop problem behavior. Chicago ABA therapy  center on 1422 W Willow St, Chicago, IL

Who can do this?  Patience and empathy; communication and teaching skills 
What does it take? 
  • A degree in the fields of Psychology, behavior analysis, or a related field. Either associate’s or bachelor’s degree. 
  • Another path is to start as a Register Behavior technician to get certified by the BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification  Board) and pass online modules. Which are courses with different branches to test you on your abilities. You must pass with a mark of 40 or above and can only repeat the courses twice. As soon as you turn 18 you can start training. 





Where can you get it?  You will have to do a certain number of practicums (average 40 hours). 



When can you do It?  This carrier varies in time depending on the programs you assist. It can take from 2-3 years. 
Why should you do it?  I want to do this because I care for these children they deserve to have a life of their own and become independent. 
How much will you make?   




Q. How much schooling is required?

A. As far as schooling to become a BCBA, it depends on what type of program works best for you and how fast you want to complete it. For a BCBA, you need a masters degree and to complete supervision hours in order to sit for the board exam that is given by the BACB. The supervision hour requirement varies depending on the masters program you are enrolled in. There are programs offered online and in person and I believe can take anywhere between 2-3 years depending how fast you want to complete it as far as being a fulltime/part time student. I did a fulltime online program after completing my bachelors in 2 years and then a full year of supervision to finish up which is different with every program.

 A BCaBA is a Board certified assistant behavior analyst and they can do everything a BCBA does but all their work needs to be supervised and approved by a BCBA. This only requires a Bachelors degree and a couple classes and some supervision. Again, the requirements for supervision are different compared to the program you are in.

 An RBT is a Registered Behavior Technician that only requires a highschool degree, competencies that you have to pass and .

. You need to be 18 and you can be trained if you accept a position as a ABA therapist, the company now usually requires that the therapists become certified so that they are certified by the BACB.

Q. What jobs or inter-ships can I work that will benefit my career while I am still in school?

A.  For this you can apply to any job on indeed.com or any of the job sites and see what they offer. Search your city and a variety of companies will appear.

Q. What classes are required to become an ABA therapist?  

  A. None, a high school degree, being 18 and completing a 40 hour module and competencies under a BCBA. Typically companies will hire for a therapist and train you to become an RBT. Once you have everything complete you will sit for your exam at a pearson testing center.

Q. what is the difference between choosing to work in a school, hospital, or at a patient’s home?  

 A.  They are all a little different it just depends on what you prefer. I recommend getting experience in all settings to be a better well rounded therapist. I would recommend a therapeutic day school or clinic setting because there is always someone around to support you as you are starting off.

  Q. Is there different branches in the field of ABA therapist? If so what are they?  

 A. It varies, some companies have a lead therapist which is someone that is going to school to become a BCBA/BCaBA or just someone who has been with the company for a certain number

  Q. which is the most economic college or university for this carrier?  

 A.  This varies as well depends on your financial situation and learning style. I recommend going to the https://www.bacb.com  website to look and colleges that have an approved sequence to sit for the board exams.

  Q. what are the personal rewards for an ABA therapist?  

A. Helping individuals with autism, seeing their progress.

  Q. what is your favorite part of this job? What are the reasons why you choose this carrier?  

A. I like helping kids especially kids with disabilities and seeing their progress. It makes me feel good to know that I have helped change a life for a kid and their family at the end of the day.

  Q. Is the number of jobs for an ABA therapist increasing or decreasing each year?  

A. I am not fully sure. There is no data that I have seen for this, but from my experience in the field, most companies are always looking for therapists.Q. What does an ABA therapist do? What are the responsibilities?  

A. Run programs in a client’s treatment plan and follow behavior plans to stop problem behavior. These are all written by a BCBA or BCaBA. This also varies by company

You can start an associates in psychology at Triton college. tuition is  $4623.00 for a semester. $308.20 per credit X hour 15 credits. since this class is not offer at Morton College you can petition to pay Morton prices. Morton College tuition is $1320.00 for a semester. $88.00 PER CREDIT HOUR X 15.



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Carrier profile: Assistant Behavior Analyst, Autism Therapy