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Career Cruising: Oncology RN nurse

Yesenia Garcia, reporter

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An oncology nurse perform physical exams and collect patient information. They also provide medical treatment to patients (bandaging, give medication), minor results of treatments, keep patients informed, maintain records and charts, supervise other nurses and health support staff. These nurses are often seen in general big hospitals, but if you’re looking forward into working at a hospital with children you can always work at the Ann and Robert Lurie’s children’s hospital in downtown, St. Jude, and many more children hospital after finishing four years in college as a registered nurse (RN). These hospitals have the medication and technological support to treat patients with cancer.


Who can do this? RN. Someone who is good at dealing with people, dealing with how they will react emotionally and physically. Someone who will be informed enough to give them medication and information.
What does it take? Registered Nurse with High School diploma and college education for four years.
Where can you get it? Any university or college located in Pershing right before the 55 highway who offers Registered Nurse preparation class.
Where can you do it? Morton college offers this program, which you graduate in four years with your associates’ degree in nursing.  Or Elmhurst college which is located in Elmhurst right on Roosevelt road in Illinois.
Why should you do it? People who want to help other people, who have the heart and delicate way of treating the patients. Treating them with care, knowing what’s best for the patient, no matter the pain it may cause.
How much will you make? Median salary is 68,000 yearly.



There are many private schools all over the state of Illinois with high achievements but also an expensive tuition. There are also many colleges that are less expensive than a university. For example, Elmhurst and Morton colleges. Elmhursts tuition fee per semester costs 1045. Since there are two semesters per year, 2090 would be the total price. However Morton college who offers four years to become a registered nurse, charges 88 dollars per credit hours, since most classes college classes are three credit hours, each a single class would cost 264 dollars. Going full time. One semester would cost 1320 for each semester, and 2640 for the whole year. Morton college also offer a lot of scholarships during the year for students who are studying to become a nurse.

Q: What was one of your biggest struggles while you were studying to become a nurse?

A:The amount of reading that was assigned was hard  to keep up with.

Q:Have you met your expectations, or are you satisfied with your job so far?

A:No, i would still like to go back to school to possibly get my masters or become a nurse practitioner.

Q:Does it fulfill you  to know that you’re helping people  emotionally and physically?

A:Yes, it’s hard work, but rewarding in the end.

Q:What is one thing you regret from your career?

A:Nothing so far, i love it.

Q:What is the biggest mistake you’ve committed (if any) what was the consequence of it?

A:None so far.

Q:Any benefits?


Q:Any fears when you first became an RN?

A:Giving medication to patient’s and knowing they are fully in our hands.

Q:Any advice?

A:Always be focused, stay on your toes. This job career requires your full attention.

Q:Any student grands or loans you don’t recommend?

A:Try to get a job in healthcare so they can help with tuition.

Q:What community colleges or universities do you highly recommend?

A:Morton college for associates, and Loyola for bachelors degree.

Q:Best option while in college class wise? Hours? Homework organization?

A:Try to be full time, always stay on top of your assignments or you will get lost. If you can start assignments early do them, do not procrastinate.

Q:Best classes to pick that would help the most?

A:Try to take mos math classes that way you won’t have to take the classes. Definitely


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Career Cruising: Oncology RN nurse