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What happens when you’re “OTS” and a teacher catches on?

Izaiah Contreras, Reporter

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Legally the school can check vitals if a student is suspected of smoking marijuana.

Roughly three students every week are caught high according to the Morton East dean’s office. With these rules constantly being broken some might wonder “what happens when your caught high in school?” Before we get into talking about what happens when you’re caught, let’s talk about the warning signs. Teachers look at the eyes and odor, as the biggest give away.

Speaking to teachers about their honest opinion on cannabis revealed that some teachers also have different views on the matter.

“I look for small eyes, creativity and, a good sense of humor (when looking for warning signs of high students),” an anonymous teacher said.

Many students have gone to the office at least once for suspicion of intoxication (being high/drunk), but for those that haven’t might wonder what happens.  A senior recalled the time he got called in.

“The deans emptied my bag, and one dean even smelled my hands and shirt; it was weird,” an anonymous senior boy said.

Sometimes, students are sent to the nurse if suspected of being under the influence.

“They take you to the nurse and check your vitals,” senior nurse’s aide Carmorroa Siggers said.

If the vitals come back positive – meaning the student is high, what happens then?

“We check them out; if they are, we call home and suspend them depending on how many times they’ve done it. If they’re carrying we have to get the cops involved,” Dean Ms. Rzadzki said.

Cannabis is real drug and is harmful. Many downplay the side effects of cannabis especially with recent efforts to make the drug recreational in all states, but it’s a real drug with short-term side effects ranging from lowered reaction time and short-term memory and long-term effects like damage to the bronchial passages and the lungs. Cannabis in the hands of students with developing minds can be harmful, a teacher told me their worst case was a seventh grader smoking pot in the bathroom. Others worry about with recent recreational use; big companies will start altering the cannabis and it will eventually become addictive like cigarettes and sugar.

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What happens when you’re “OTS” and a teacher catches on?