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Morton’s newest sports addition: girls’ rugby

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After 124 years, J. Sterling Morton East High School decides to add a girls rugby team.

Morton East isn’t the first school to get a rugby team; Summit High School girls rugby has been competing against other schools and playing a tough game. Summit High School has made a Facebook page in order for friends and family to stay updated with wins and losses. Summit high school is one of many schools to be able to compete against other teams (so far being 8) and experiencing what Morton has yet to experience. The United States has competed in the international games for girls rugby and ranked fourth out of all teams.

“Me being in rugby, it has taught me a lot about respect and friendship, I can’t wait for the girls to enjoy their first season ever and start a new legacy for Morton, I’m for sure a supporter of the girls rugby team!” said senior rugby player Jose Moreno.

Many girls were excited to be apart of the girls rugby team, especially for some senior girls.

“Since it was my last year being here, I really wanted to be on the team.  I feel like it’s cool for girls to be able to be aggressive in a sport,” senior Tania Acosta said.

However, due to the high demand of girls that wanted to be on the team, cuts had to be made and specific traits had to be met in order to make the team.

“Our coach Santi said we need to have an attitude, good sportsmanship and willingness to do anything,” senior Jennifer Nunez said.

So many girls decided to take on the opportunity of a new upcoming sport, it was overwhelming.  

“They didn’t wanna make one because I guess they think that girls wouldn’t join, but it was the complete opposite; there were like 200 girls from each school (Morton campus),” senior Cynthia Heredia said.

Like it was said before, girls in fact did want to join a contact sport like rugby, especially those who were a part of other sports.  

“I was in powderpuff, and I missed being on a team and since it was the first year of girls rugby I thought it would be a nice experience. We practice Wednesdays and Fridays at Morton FC and Saturdays  we practice at Morton West. We run a lot and he makes us do a lot of stretches, warm-ups and he makes us do drills to learn how to throw the ball and catch it. Cuts are based on attendance and requirements like the physical, and if you know what you’re doing, basically.  (The coach) wants people with good condition and discipline,” senior Eve Molly said.

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  1. juan luis hernandez on April 16th, 2018 10:09 am

    i love life, i love pony express, i love mortons lunch


  2. Flores on April 16th, 2018 1:40 pm

    Better get them Ws🤘🏼 Soccer is better tho. 😹


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Morton’s newest sports addition: girls’ rugby