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Car versus trucks

Luis Gonzalez

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Most guys at Morton East love cars — over trucks.

Some students would bring their cars to show off.  Also there are other students who love trucks. They would bring their trucks with big rims, looking like they are brand new.

“I love both cars and trucks but mostly trucks. Trucks are easy to drive during the snow or when it rains,” senior Bryan Hernandez said.

Bryan isn’t the only one who loves trucks.

“I love trucks because they look so nice and just in case to take the squad out and it’s also a Mexican thing,” junior Omar Gonzalez said

Some students disagree

“Trucks are nice but they are not fast. Trucks are slow and heavy,” senior Luis Arteza said.

Some students they love both

“Having a car and truck it’s nice. A truck can be your plan B when the weather is bad. A car can be your fun toy when you feel like going fast,” graduate Fabian Gonzalez said.

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  1. naokotanaka on April 13th, 2018 7:56 am

    There is a new segment for the trucks and that is the CUV based models with uni body platforms. The Ridgeline is proving there is space for this kind of model. I like to call it trucks for people who hate trucks. They are to be light duty vehicles with a better ride and handling more like a car or CUV. It is the modern day Ute. These are not to compete head to head with mid sized trucks but to appeal to CUV buyers with more versatility. Hyundai is coming with one and FCA is considering one. GM and Ford I expect will enter the segment at some point. I could see a Ute based on the Traverse being in the mix or Acadia. Even if they wanted to go smaller the Nox or Terrain platform could provide a small crew with a bed. I would love to see GM open the back of the cab ala Avalanche to give it more versatility. These also would prove to be popular globally as we already have the Montana and Australia is losing the Ute. Not sure these would do much with a Diesel and true truck owners love them. They tow and that is not the work for this truck. We already have the Colorado and Canyon. Electric well that one needs some work yet and depending on how much it cost. If it cost as much as a full size it would not sell. There is a future here in this segment.

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Car versus trucks