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Your parents are right: you CAN walk to school!

More students are walking to school than getting rides.

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Most Morton East students walk to school.

In a survey of 120 Morton East high school students, 40% walk to school, 5% use public transportation, another 5%  bike, 35% get dropped off by a parent, and 9% drive to school.  

According to Guide.saferoutesinfo.org, 48% of children 5-14 years of age usually walk or use a bike to school. In 2009, 35% of students walked or bicycled to school. In 2012, 54.7% of kids got to school in a car in the morning and 45.3% in the afternoon. The percentage of students getting dropped off to school has increased.

“I drive to school every day now since I recently got my license. Before I either used my bike to go to school or drive without a permit or license to school. You have to do what you have to do,” senior Gustavo Diaz said. 

Diaz isn’t the only student to use their own car as their main transportation.  

“I’ve been driving to school since I was a freshman in high school. My parents don’t have the time to take me to school, their jobs just make that task very rare. I once crashed my car trying to get here,”  junior Alejandro Hernandez. 

Some students depend on their parents. 

“My parents are the ones that drop me off to school. If they can’t drop me off I walk to school. But if the weather is very nasty, I honestly just don’t bother going at all,”  junior Javier Zenteno. 

Zenteno is just one of the many students that get dropped off to school. 

“All my life, my parents have been the ones taking me to school. It’s not always a good thing though. My parents car is a little old, so it once broke down, making me late to school,” senior Yaylin Pardo said. 

Some students don’t use your typical transportation to school. 

“I don’t like wasting money or wasting my parents time. That’s why I’m always using my skateboard to get here. It takes me about 15 minutes; if I can’t take my skateboard I walk it to school,”  senior Samuel Galindo said.

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Your parents are right: you CAN walk to school!