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Certain consequences come with school fights

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Dean Mr. Ramirez fills out student fight reports.

Students seem to always remember the fights that break at school (probably because of social media), but actually there haven’t been that many this year — and they aren’t much fun when they come with certain consequences. 

According to the dean’s office, this school year at Morton East High School there have been approximately 15 fights.  Studies find that youth violence is a significant public health problem that affects thousands of young people each day and their families, schools and communities. In 2015, 28% of males reported physical fighting, compared with 17% of females this pattern is consistent across, race ethnicity, and grade level. 

“It depends on the fight if there’s physical contact or students arguing with each other… if it’s a physical fight where students are punching each other and wrestling it’s almost always a out of school suspension with parent contact,“ Morton East Dean Mr.Dugan said.

Fights that are serious can resolve as an out of school suspension and parents always get contacted.

“If you are 17 or older you are most likely to get arrested, if you are 18 and you are fighting a minor you will definitely get arrested, and we let the police department handle it,” Morton East Dean Mrs.Gomez said.

Some students don’t realize the consequences that will result in fights they get involved in. Some students have even gotten arrested depending how serious the fights were.

“I hate to stereotype but girls just usually pull hair and scratch while guys if they are able to land a punch they make them bleed. There’s definitely more girl to girl fights than boys it’s always a silly misunderstandings and social media,” Morton East Dean Mrs.Gomez said.

High School is full of drama between girls and boys so students instigate, and fights are created.

“We have done many mediations this year which is when students come to us because someone is talking garbage or wants to fight them, we pull the students down before there is a fight to talk out the issue and fix it, there is also a mediation after there is a fight to prevent another fight,” Morton East Dean Mr.Dugan said.

While some students try to fix the issue before it ends up in a fight, while others suffer the worst consequences for fighting.

“The ultimate consequence would be getting expelled from school, which is when you are not allowed to attend any public school in the country which can affect students because their next resource would be a private school,” Morton East Dean Mr.Ramirez said.


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One Response to “Certain consequences come with school fights”

  1. Aileen on May 7th, 2018 8:40 am

    I dont think every fight or conflicts start on social media, alot of tension start off of it and social media is only there to build it. However, how it starts dosent really matter because whether it started on social media or not, if someone fight they need to have some sort of consequence. These consequences dont even prevent the next fight because alot of school dont help them realize what they did and how they can fix it, but only let them do it themselves.

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Certain consequences come with school fights