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Auto Club will fix your car

Taken by Javier Enriquez

Taken by Javier Enriquez

Taken by Javier Enriquez

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Did you know that Morton East fixes cars?  

The auto club at Morton repairs cars for its teachers, staff members, and students. To join, students must have all passing grades, no incompletes, and take and pass a safety test with a 5.0. Any members that are misbehaving or causing danger to themselves or others will be expelled from the program. Students who are not part of the auto club would like to know if it is possible to get their car fixed for a decent price by students who are taking the auto mechanics class. After asking Mr. Yunker some questions about the auto club, students are better informed on what goes on there. 

“If it is a student’s car, they would need to come to auto club and they would need to be part of the fixing process, which would require them to do the safety test. Teachers and staff can drop their cars off and we can arrange to do work for them, but it depends what they want done and how long they are able to keep the car with us. It takes us a lot longer job,” Morton East Auto Mechanics teacher, Mark Yunker said. 

Some students are concerned on the price and where the money goes. The process on the car is simple and cheap, but what some students aren’t aware of, is that they are part of the fixing process.  

“Most repair shops charge anywhere to $100 to $150 an hour. Our labor rate is $20, it’s a fee. The owner of the vehicle must buy the parts on their own. The students are the ones fixing the cars. It’s a learning experience for the students, I’m just here to teach them,”  Yunker said. 

Although this option is more affordable, it’s not for everyone.

“It is not open to the public. It is only open to the teachers and the staff and students under the conditions that they do the safety requirements and are willing to be a part of the repair process,” Yunker said.  

When asking a Morton East student whether they would take their car to get fixed at the school’s auto club here’s what they had to say. 

“As someone who doesn’t earn a lot of money, I would definitely bring my car here. I love cars and learning how to fix it myself, with guidance of a teacher, is beneficial to me. It’s a great learning experience,” senior Claudia Del Toro said. 

Some students think otherwise. They are not comfortable letting students work on a vehicle they are to drive.  

“I don’t trust students who are barely learning about cars, to fix my car,” senior Eve Molly Esleta said. 

Mr. Yunker supervises and inspects the work that is done by the students, so, ultimately, an expert gives the final seal of approval.


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Auto Club will fix your car