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Story behind field trips

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We all like going on field trips, but do we know  everything there is to know about the field trips.   For example, what are the favorite school field trip destinations?  Here are the top 10 favorite field trips at Morton East:

  • Museums
  • Historical cities
  • Major city
  • Ranches or farms
  • College visits
  • Amusement park
  • Zoo / Aquarium
  • National park or garden
  • Planetarium
  • Theatre

However, the requirement for attending a field trips are no more than 1 suspension, no more 1 failing grade and no more than 12 absences.

Field trips can be a lot of work for the administrators but what a lot of students might not know is that the teacher also have to put lot of work and the effect into planning and getting their field trip “passed”. In order for field trip to be approved Mr. Bogart has to sign it if it does then it is pass to Mr.Gamboa to be sign.

To everyone’s surprise for substitute teacher do not get paid  by the teachers.

“It $110 per day per a substitute teacher per day, so if 10 teachers go that’s $1,100, teachers do not help pay for field trips,” Mr. Bogart said.

Even though there are over 100 field trips a year some students only attend a few for their benefit.

“Throughout all of high school I’ve been on 3 field trips for educational purposes,” senior Jackie Mendoza said.

There are a lot of students that have heard many things regarding where the money for field trips go to.

“I think the money for field trips go to both the bus service and to anything else that the field trip needs any money left over goes to the school I think,” senior Rafael Ibarra said.

However, senior Natalia Zambrano has a very distinct belief of how the trip money gets divided.

“Well, I think the money for trips goes to the teachers because they’re the ones who organized it and with other money they pay off transportation, I would say it went to the school but where is it at?” Zambrano said.

The rumors about “extra money/left over” were disclaimed by Mr. Gamboa.

“There should be no extra money, but on the slim chance there happens to be extra money left, it all goes to a school field trip fund that later is used for students who can’t afford trips, extra subs needed and related trip purposes,” Mr. Gamboa said.

Although money plays an important role when it comes to field trips, it usually doesn’t cross a student’s mind while enjoying their trip.

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2 Responses to “Story behind field trips”

  1. Vanessa Castro on May 7th, 2018 9:53 am

    Many students had their own opinion on where the “extra money” would be used for, but probably never thought about it until they had been asked the question. Field trips are expensive, and getting permission to take part in the field trip is also a major thing to it. Teachers put in a lot of work to get field trips approved but many students don’t often take the opportunity to go. This is an important topic to discuss about, to understand any assumptions by students.

  2. Juan Escobedo on May 7th, 2018 11:59 am

    I believe going to field trips should be a privilege to many students around the school. Not many students get recognized for their sweat and tears they put in into their work. I totally agree with the rule regarding that you can only have 1 suspension and about 12 absences in order to go to a field. There is many students that go on field trips that do not even really care about school but just want to go out. These are the students that need to be kept in school and be getting their grades up.

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Story behind field trips