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Prom dilemma: Friends or a date?

Lizet Quiroz

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As the school year is coming to an end, prom season is quickly approaching. Not only is prom for couples but also for groups of friends. 

The tradition started at colleges. Proms migrated to high schools by the 1930s. President Kennedy crashed a California prom in 1963. The white house hosted a prom in the ’70s. Proms weren’t held nationwide until the 1930’s. 40% out of 100 Morton East students said they will be going to prom and they’d rather go with friends. 

“I believe prom is important because you only go to prom as a senior once. It’s one of the good memories that you’ll take with you beyond high school,” senior Karla Ochoa said. 

Others say it’ll be one last memory with friends before their high school experience is over. 

“I think prom is important because it’s one of the last times we will be able to be together with friends. Some people might say that prom will be the best night of their lives” senior Michelle Delgado said. 

Prom is a big deal to others, another student believes it is a high school tradition. 

“I believe prom is a ritual/tradition in high schools. If prom doesn’t happen, is it really high school,” senior Lillibeth Renteria said. 

A upper class men who is attending prom is going with friends. 

“I’m going with friends,” senior Karla Ochoa said. 

Others are going with a date and a group of friends. 

“I’m going with a date but we’re still going with a group of friends,” senior Lillibeth said. 

Some students did not like the Havana theme and started a petition to change it. 

“I was impressed by the continuity and spirit people have coming with this petition, but it was not well represented. I saw a couple signatures and asked some of the students about it and some said that they just signed it and didn’t know what it was for. I think students don’t understand that when prom theme is selected there is no going back because things have been purchased already and the theme doesn’t dictate what you will wear, music or how much fun will you have,” Morton East teacher Ms. Samata said. 

Students describe in 3 words how prom will turn out.

“Glamorous, thrilling, and lit,” senior Jennifer Rodriguez said.

Prom will be a night to remember for those attending whether they’ll go with a group of friends or a date.

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Prom dilemma: Friends or a date?