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Prom arrival

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Prom arrival

Getting a party bus is a good option for transporting multiple people safely.

Getting a party bus is a good option for transporting multiple people safely.

Getting a party bus is a good option for transporting multiple people safely.

Getting a party bus is a good option for transporting multiple people safely.

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Most Morton East students are getting dropped off on prom night.

Prom has been around as early as the 19th century. Transportation has always been an issue. Nationwide 67% of teens rent a limo for prom and 79% of teens drove themselves or rode with peers to prom. In a survey from 100 Morton East student  48.5% of students said they were going to be dropped of, 10% said they were going to rent a ride and 39.8% said they will drive themselves  to prom. Moreover everyone has their opinions and point of view.

Every year Morton East High school theater students present a scenario of driving under the influence on prom night — called Operation Prom.  The purpose of this is to demonstrate how tragic driving under the influence could be and it could influence some students to get other types of transportation like getting dropped off by a designated driver.

“I would like to think that every kid is going to make good choices that night in terms of what they do, to me the safest thing if kids aren’t going to make good choices would be somebody else driving them whether it’d be Uber, a party bus, a coach bus, school bus, limo, something of that nature,” assistant principal Borgardt said.

An example of someone who is going  to make good decisions is senior Stefania Alcantar.

“I don’t think I would want my friend driving me late at night if they are under the influence because that isn’t safe. I don’t want prom night to be my last night,” Stefania said.

Other reasons students will choose getting dropped off will be because they’ll be able to chose their arrival time.

“I’m going to arrive fashionably late, that’s who I  am and I have lots of people that need to see my dress,” senior Carmorroa said.



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3 Responses to “Prom arrival”

  1. Alexis Arreguin on May 7th, 2018 10:52 am

    I enjoy hearing students opinions on the night of prom. It gives us a better understanding about how seniors feel about it to them. With an arrival, I believe it is amazing to acknowledge a well dressed student who has been in uniform for 4 years. I as well want to acknowledge that on the night of prom should be special and a night to remember so ruining it by being under the influence in my opinion, shouldn’t be an option. Prom should be enjoyable with your date or whoever it may be that a student goes with.

  2. Yulicsa Govea on May 7th, 2018 10:58 am

    I believe if you are going to drink its best to have a designated drive, its best not to take risks when it comes to ones own safety and well being. I do believe we can all make the right choice when it comes to it. Prom should be a night to remember, for its one of the many memorable events of our high school career, students should be responsible when it comes to safety.

  3. Lourdes Garcia on May 7th, 2018 10:59 am

    There are many accidents yearly at night. Especially car accidents. This is very sad because the teenagers at Morton always take it as a joke and never take safe driving into consideration. Morton was very wise to do a demonstration on what could happen in a scenerio if there was drunk driving involved. Hopefully this was able to open the students eyes more and to realize it is not okay. It is the end of the school year for Seniors and they just want to leave school, go wild, and they tend not to think or care for what is happening around them. Prom is coming upon the students, and saftey should be the number one concern.

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Prom arrival