What’s Your Favorite TV Show?

East students like "Strange" shows most of all

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Senior America Zamora takes a study to watch her favorite show.

At Morton East “Stranger Things” is the Tv show that is most viewed by students of Morton East. 

We surveyed a Junior class for the surveys.  

On September 11,1928, Wzx13 and WGY broadcast America’s first television drama. It was a 40-minute melodrama titled “The Queen Messenger.” By 1948, there were four television networks, NBC, CBS, ABC and Dumont started broadcasting over 128 stations. TV shows have made a huge impact on young adults lives from it being relatable to just being funny. America’s favorite TV show “Game of Thrones” has an average demand expression of 11.28 million followed by “The Good Doctor with 17.8 million views according to the website Business Insider. 

Our fellow Dean of Students, Mrs. Gomez loves the show “The Good Doctor”.  

Her favorite quote from the show is “Shaun tells the attending surgeon, “No you wouldn’t lie to me because arrogant people don’t lie, they feel that they’re always right,” so I found that really funny,” Dean of Students Mrs. Gomez said.

Dean of students Mr.Doogan does not agree with Ms. Gomez but agrees with the students in what the favorite tv show is. 

“My current favorite TV show is Stranger Things because it is a very interesting TV show and I recommend everyone watch it,” Dean of students Matthew Doogan said. 

While some students simply enjoy watching other shows such as Batman, SpongeBob, and Rick and Morty 

“My favorite tv show is SpongeBob SquarePants, it attracts so many audiences from different ages, especially me, it’s a great show for everyone,” Junior Carlos Marin.

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