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Students on their “sad little phones” may be sad

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There seems to be a correlation between phone usage and unhappiness in teens.

A new study finds teens who spend lots of time on their smartphones are more likely to be unhappy (Channel One News).  By far, the largest change in teen lives was between 2012 and 2016 when there was an increase in the amount of time spent on digital media, and a decrease in in-personal activities and sleep. Although this study does not prove causation it does raise alarms about too much screen time, and should serve as a reminder to parents to limit their use of technology, and encourage socialization and exercise. Students that are not  constantly always on their phone show to be more productive and happy. In a random survey of 116 Morton East Students 9 students rarely use their phones, 63 students use their phones like the average teenager, and 44 students use their phones in an excessive way.

“ My phone makes me feel happy because a percentage of our life is on our phone , it takes a big part of our daily life. Everything is on our phone” Former Morton East alumni Jonathan Rodriguez said.

While some students feel joy to have technology at our fingertips others don’t.

“ My phone can sometimes make me feel unhappy because having my phone on me all day causes me to have stress by seeing what is happening on the news everyday, or simply seeing drama that may affect me,” senior Gisselle Rodriguez said.

Teens being on their phones may cause stress to them, while it  may be a stress reliever for others. 

“I believe I would definitely not be as happy without my phone because my phone is what helps me get through the day. Whatever mood I’m in, sad, mad or bored, I just use my phone and it helps me, sort of a stress reliever. I can watch Snapchat stories or makeup tutorials to help me change my negative mood. I also believe that without my phone, or not using any type of social media I wouldn’t be able to make or find friends as easy. Perhaps less of a chance to meet my soulmate,” sophomore Nathalie Soto said.

But, others wouldn’t even mind being without their phones.

“People have the need to constantly be on their phones for popularity or they’re trying to show off, and it’s really the only way a lot of people communicate, but honestly it is not self fulfilling when you’re constantly behind a screen,” junior Adrian Sanchez said.

Even adults need the break from technology once in a while.

“Last weekend I left my phone at a restaurant.  Instead of going right back for it — like I would usually do — I asked if they could hold onto it until the next day.  That half a day without a cellphone was wonderful,” journalism teacher Kent Frankfother said.

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Students on their “sad little phones” may be sad