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Step-parents step up for many students

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Step-parents step up for many students

Photo found on www.dailymail.co.uk

Photo found on www.dailymail.co.uk

© Shutterstock / SpeedKingz

Photo found on www.dailymail.co.uk

© Shutterstock / SpeedKingz

© Shutterstock / SpeedKingz

Photo found on www.dailymail.co.uk

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In a survey of 200 Morton East high school students only 28% of the students have a step-parent. Of those students with a step-parent, 55% of them get along with them. 

Step-families consist of at least one minor child who is living with a biological parent and that parents spouse. According to encyclopedia.com approximately one-half of all marriages are a remarriage for at least one partner. In 1992, 15 percent of all children in the United States lived with a mother and a stepfather. An estimated one-third of U.S. children have lived in a step family household before they reach adulthood. Although the remarriage rates are lower, similar prevalence rates have been reported in Canada and Europe.

“I have a love and hate relationship with my stepdad. We tend to bond sometimes but we do tend to fight a lot, the reason being that I’m not his actual daughter,” Junior Courtney Cherney said. 

Many students tend to bond greatly with their step-parents.  

“When I first met my step-parent I didn’t really care that he was coming into our lives, I wasn’t happy nor mad, but now I am happy because my step-dad is a great human being who I have learned to like very much, “senior Fernanda Navarrete said. 

Furthermore, there are some students who don’t have good luck with step-parents. 

“I have had two step-parents and I have not appreciated any of them. My first step-parent treated me very different from his own son. For example, he wouldn’t pay attention to me. I thought it would go well with my second step-parent but it didn’t go as I had in mind, he wouldn’t let me spend time with my mom. He was basically trying to get me out of my mom’s life. I felt very unloved by both of my step-parents,” junior Natalia Sanchez said.  

Once a person gets to meet the new family member, one gets to know the great person there is in them. 

“At the age of 5 I got my step-dad. I was really mad because I didn’t want anyone new in my family. As time passed I found in him the most caring and awesome man I had ever met. My step-dad has become my best friend. My step dad always has time, attention, and love for me, something my real dad didn’t give me,” sophomore Kevin Torres said. 

Many students have had great results with step-parents. And have loved them like a real dad.  

“I have one step-parent who me and my siblings get along with, he has become like a real dad to us. The first time I saw my step-dad I didn’t really have a reaction, I was too small to understand anything,” senior Atziry Bucio said. 

First impressions aren’t always the best. 

“3 years ago, my step-dad appeared, and I was surprised. In the beginning I didn’t get along with him because I thought he didn’t like me at all, but as we got to know each other we became closer and today I see him as my dad. He knows how to make me happy. He makes me smile every day. I am grateful to have him in my life,” junior Cynthia Flores said. 

Step-parents don’t seem as bad as they look. 

“Once I saw the man my mom introduced me as my step-dad I knew things would change. I knew he would make my mom happier. At the age of 10 my step-dad came to my and my mom’s life. I don’t regret saying this man would be the right one because I now see him as a dad,” sophomore Aileen Marquez said. 

One can sometimes get mixed emotions when it comes to getting a new parent.

“I could really get along with my step dad at times, he could be cool at times. We do get into big arguments too though. I hate it when he tries to act like my dad because he isn’t,” sophomore Adrian Martinez said. 

A step-dad may never or sometimes take the place of a real dad. 

“No, at the beginning I didn’t like my step dad, I thought he was going to take me away from my mom, but he didn’t, now he’s my best friend,” sophomore Karla R. Fuentes said. 

Sometimes step-parents are better than real parents  

“Even at the beginning of the relationship I knew my dad was going to be a great father, always doing what my dad couldn’t,” junior Daniel Hernandez said. 

One human being can change one’s life. 

“I was two years old when I had my step dad, he has now been my step dad ever since. I am now eighteen and he’s everything to me,” senior Maryanne Avila said. 

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Step-parents step up for many students