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Snowball’s main goal: say no to drugs and bad decisions

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Snowball is one of the most popular clubs at school. They work as a TEAM.

Upcoming Snowball retreat has students wondering what Snowball is really about: it’s about not using drugs.

Some of the anti-drug education activities have included Red Ribbon Week where students pledge to “say no to drugs,” and multiple games and songs that energize students without substance abuse.

Operation Snowball started in Rockford, Illinois in 1977. Snowball is an international alcohol, tobacco, and other drug-use prevention program which focuses on leadership development to empower youth to lead drug-free lives. The Snowball club at Morton East focuses on a healthy lifestyle for students and is against any negative attitudes/actions that will negatively affect the students. Led by Mr. Lunz and Ms. Gonzalez along with 16 teen staff members, Snowball includes an annual Snowball Retreat – usually in February. Students do not need to be members to go on the retreat. (This year’s retreat was postponed due to extreme weather.) The Morton East Snowball Club meets every Thursday after school in room 246; all are welcome. In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 73% of them said they have heard about Snowball while 27% said they haven’t.

“Anyone can join Snowball. We do not judge you for who you are,” senior teen staff member Erick Munoz said.

One of the teen staff leaders explains why he decided to join Snowball.

“I joined snowball for the reason of positive people, for the integrity amongst students, for the love and friendship I received there and most of all because I was given the chance to help others and become one of them,” senior teen staff member Osvaldo Dominguez said.

Another team staff leader explains what she’d like others to know about Snowball and what it means to her.

“I would tell them that Snowball is a place where you could be yourself and meet new people. A place where you meet amazing people that after a while they become like your family. Snowball is my safe place,” sophomore teen staff member Michelle Dominguez said.

Snowball has been around a long time.

“I remember when Snowball started at my school. We all thought back then that it was this touchy feely group that hugged a lot. It’s nice to see how wonderful an organization it has become at Morton,” English teacher Mr. Frankfother said.


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Snowball’s main goal: say no to drugs and bad decisions