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Meet and greet tickets: are they worth it?

Andrea Ruiz meeting her favorite person in the world, Joe Biden.

Andrea Ruiz meeting her favorite person in the world, Joe Biden.

Andrea Ruiz meeting her favorite person in the world, Joe Biden.

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Everyone dreams about meeting their favorite celebrities, but is the high price for VIP or meet and greets worth it?

VIP, or meet and greet tickets can be triple the cost of a regular ticket, perks include merchandise, photos, front-row seats and many other things, but is it worth it? In November of 2015, #JusticeforBrokeliebers started trending on twitter after Justin Bieber VIP tickets went on sale for $2,000. Many critics of the VIP ticket pricing argue that many of their fans are young and can’t afford them with part-time minimum wage jobs. In a random survey of 33 Morton East Students, 53% have met a celebrity.

“I was very very excited, when I was in line I could hear his voice and I was like omg no that’s not him that can’t be him I was like freaking out.  Then I was an idiot and I peeked by the curtain and I started like panicking I was like omg he looks so much skinnier in person like his hair is beautiful and I was so nervous. When I finally got up there I was already crying so I looked like such a lunatic but he was like the nicest person ever he was like oh it’s okay don’t cry because then the picture it would seem like I did something to upset you and that made me feel so much better and I was holding his hand and I looked so disgusting in the picture because I didn’t know that they were going to take it. It cost 370 dollars I thought it was $350 but then with the fees it was $370, it was a lot of money but it was worth it,” senior Andrea Ruiz said.

Book tours and concerts are great ways to pay to interact with your idols, but there are other opportunities to meet them without draining your wallet. Some of these include events in which they go to promote books, albums, or movies.

“I met Charles Sexton, a guitar player from Texas, at the Hard Rock Café when he was promoting his album. When I got up to him and asked him to sign my album, all I could say was I saw him sing in the bar scene in Thelma and Louise,” English teacher Mrs. Judge said.

Sometimes people are lucky enough to have friends that help you be able to see your favorite superstar in concert and sometimes even meet them in person.

“Pedro Fernandez fue el primer cantante que he conosido y ese dia fue uno de los mejores. Mi comadre me invito a un concierto de el pero nunca pense que lo iba a conocer y poder tomarme una foto con el. Tengo esa foto guardada en donde mi esposo no la puede encontrar para que no se ponga celoso. No estoy segura cuanto me costaria poder tomamrme una foto con el por que para mi fue gratis gracias a una amiga que tenia mi comadre pero no creo que yo gastaria tanto dinero para poder conocer a una persona famosa,” an anonymous mother of a Morton East student said.

With all these different opportunities to interact with your favorite celebrities on social media, is there a value in meeting them in person?

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Meet and greet tickets: are they worth it?