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LGBTQ at prom? Students think it’s fine, fair

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Many Morton East students know LGBTQ couples, many don’t.

In a random survey of 127 Morton East students 48% of students know a LGBTQ couple, whereas 52% doesn’t know an LGBTQ couple. Some don’t know what LGBTQ means; LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. Therefore we can assume that the majority of Morton East students don’t know an LGBTQ couple. Though many couples do not attend in fear of being look down upon, since it’s a taboo subject to talk about for many people. Being 2018 and all, it’s more of an open topic and something that is accepted with today’s youth.

Many people would feel comfortable going to prom with an LGBTQ couple.

“Well I wouldn’t know how many lgbtq couples go to prom because I don’t really see a lot of people like them at school I mean I see them but not like couples and I would be comfortable around them,” senior Shulamith Rodriguez said.

Senior Gabriela Varela agree that she would also feel comfortable around an LGBTQ couple and that they should also feel comfortable to enjoy their life.

“I would feel comfortable because they are people too, who are we to say they can’t come to one of the biggest nights of their lives,” Gabriela Varela said.

Not only do seniors agree on LGBTQ being able to go to prom, but also other students do because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that many don’t get to enjoy.

“I mean I don’t mind, why would it bother me that other people are having fun? They’re people too,” sophomore Karla Ramirez said.

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LGBTQ at prom? Students think it’s fine, fair