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DACA students, families feel in flux

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Morton East High school has a high percentage of students with DACA. In a school survey of 111 students, 35 % of the 111 students are protected by DACA or know someone protected; 65% of them do not know someone protected by this program.

DACA has become a huge problem to society creating a government shutdown around the whole country. Today it has the world in controversy over different points of views. Including politically, culturally, and ethnically.

“Trump is doing this because he wants to benefit his people, he wants to gain more people on his side. I know even though I didn’t decide to come to this country I will never hate my parents for bringing me to a foreign country because i know they only wanted the best for me,” Anonymous DACA student said.

There’s many reasons why our parents decided to bring us to the States, that is not to be discussed but we really need more help and more resources for the DACA students.

“There’s a good handful of students in Cicero that need DACA support, i certainly believe that there’s about a 15% of DACA students in our community, just at least. And i am pretty sure that just as me, we don’t know where to go because we don’t know if we can get in trouble,” Anonymous DACA student said.

Currently we are in a debate. Tump’s condition to keep and help the DACA program is to build a wall on the border. Of course DACA is against it which is why today we face numerous debates and a second government shut down in 2018 alone.

“I believe Donald Trump will  win this battle against the undocumented people; he has a lot of power and control. We are a lot more but in the end it’s and will always be the President’s word against us because we do not think alike. Trump doesn’t understand our struggles and what we have to go through on a daily just because we are in a country in which we don’t belong,” an anonymous sophomore DACA student said.

The rise of Trumps presidency has made undocumented people worry for their future and also made those who weren’t born here wish they had come just a bit sooner to be considered an “American,” in heart all they can do is hope.

“My mom was scared for us to try out DACA because she thought they might deport us. I wish my parents had brought me sooner to the United States, so that I could’ve been born here, but I don’t hate my parents for bringing me,” junior Osiris Aldana said.

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DACA students, families feel in flux