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Are we addicted to our phones?

Yesenia Marquez and Andrea Ruiz

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What’s the one thing you would take with you on a deserted island? Your phone is probably what popped in your head and you’re not the only one. In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 56% of them think that they’re addicted to their phones.

Lately addiction to phones has been increasing in people of all ages, especially children. It has become a problem because it distracts kids in school and affects children’s physical and mental health. In order to create a change people have been urging Apple to do something about smartphone addiction, but its not only Apple’s responsibility to stop this. Parents have thought of strategies to lower their children’s time usage on phones such as taking the phones away or turning off the WiFi.

“Yeah I think I prioritize my phone over my homework and school assignments. The most addictive apps that i have are twitter and snapchat so basically social media,” senior Luisa Rangel said.

Rangel is one of the many teens who spends their time on social media for many reasons, to connect with friends and to see fun memes or see what celebrities are up to. However, some teens still prefer to spend their free time doing something they are passionate about.

“Teens and kids have grown up more fond of technology and they believe its part of their life. I only use my phone to contact friends whenever i need to or just to contact my family. A tip i would give to those who are addicted are for them to try to find a hobby anything other than being with technology,” sophomore Emanuel Torres said.

Torres seems to agree with parents that technology is a big issue.

“Lately technology has been a big problem because kids are always on their phones either watching videos, playing games, or talking to their friends. Throughout the day if I see my kids on their phone a lot i turn off the wifi. I also want my kids to get a good night’s sleep so what i do is turn off the wifi at night so that they are not up at night with their faces locked to their screens,” an anonymous Morton East parent said.

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Are we addicted to our phones?