Should parents be punished if they raise bullies?

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Should there be anconsequences to thparent(s) of a bully? 

In 2015, the Huffington post estimated that U.S. schools have around 2.1 million bullies in school. According to, 7 percent of parents are concerned and aware of their children being bullied. It is said that Illinois is one of the 10 worst states when it comes to bullying. Parents are not aware of the bullying or the parents themselves are the cause of the bullying, but it is the consequences that needs to take place, for bullies and parents. A new law in the town of Wisconsin allows the police to fine parents more than $100 if their kids are caught bullying more than once. In a random survey taken at Morton East High school asked 40 sophomore, junior, and senior students “Should the parent(s) of a student, who is a bully, be punished?” 76% of students said no and 24% of students said yes.  

After asking a counselor what makes a person a bully her, response was, “many different things can make a person a bully, jealousy, insecurity, like to pick on others because they don’t feel good about themselves, they want to look cool in front others and they’re just mean in general and don’t care about others,” Morton East Counselor Ms. Cutean said. 

After asking Cutean what the consequences for a bully should be she replied with ” it depends on how serious it is, they can either get suspended or LAC.” 

While the bullies should be getting their consequence, parents should be getting punished too because of their child’s actions. Sam Diaz agrees that parents should be responsible too.  

“I think parents should be punished because even though parents can’t make a bully, they can prevent their kids from being a bully,” Diaz said.  

A parent of a Morton East student disagrees with Diaz when it comes to parents being punished.  

“I don’t feel like I should have to be responsible for what my kid decides to do. I have no control over what they do outside of my house, so I don’t feel like I should have any part in that. Although they can punish my kid any way they decide to, due to their actions. Just know I didn’t raise them to be that way,” Victor Rebolledo said.  

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