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What was your big accomplishment in 2017?

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Morton East is full of hard working students
Photo By: Oscar Miranda

Morton East students worked hard to accomplish big things during 2017. 

Many of us had a great year, we accomplished big things, but also learned a lot. Throughout 2017 there was some anticipation and sorrow. There were times were the world was full of anger and fear, but that didn’t stop no one from trying to find their way out from difficult situations. Throughout 2017 some top stories were about North Korea & Trump, sexual assaults, attacks, natural disasters and new technology. In Morton East there’s students who go through a lot within the year, but those who show their hard work are acknowledge.  In a survey of 100 students in Morton East of a mix of seniors, juniors and sophomores, 37 out of 100 students have stated that they have been acknowledged during 2017.  

“Putting a smile on my beautiful mother’s face after telling her I got accepted into my #one school,” senior Jeffrey Czech said.  

For senior Oscar Miranda it was also an honor to hear back from a college. 

“Receiving a scholarship offer to play football in college,” he stated. 

An athlete’s school spirit is shown through their effort and participation.  

“Going down state to participate for Morton varsity poms,” senior Caroline Toledo said 

Junior David Wilson also had lucky to be recognize in a sport.  

“Winning player of the year of west suburban conference,” he stated.  

Students at Morton East didn’t only had achievement in school but also out of school. 

“I got promoted to be manager at Tony’s, as a manager I learned how to manage other workers,” Junior Anthony Quaresma stated.  

Diana stated how exciting it is to join the Husky Hacks.  

“My biggest accomplishment this year was joining the Husky Hacks,” senior Diana Valdez said.  

Adrian states his accomplishment on his position in football.  

“Being able to be starting running back on varsity football,” junior Adrian Barrera said. 

Jacqueline was able to work hard for her top priority.  

“One of my biggest accomplishment during 2017 was being able to get a car and pay it myself with my own money,” Senior Jacqueline Torres stated.  


With the help of her parents another teen was able to receive a car.  

” One of the best things that happened in 2017 was being able to receive a new car,” senior Imelda Uribe said. 

Not all the time is about receiving but for Ashley it was about experience. 

“One of the biggest lessons in 2017 was to do that’s best for you and not for no one else,” senior Ashley Avalos said.

Unfortunately, some accomplishments hint to problems that students still need to work on.

“I blacked out and made it home,” an anonymous student said.

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2 Responses to “What was your big accomplishment in 2017?”

  1. Sandra on January 11th, 2018 8:32 pm

    Good to know your accomplishments from 2017. All of you have worked hard to get to the schools you want and teams, work hard for your money and positions. BEST OF LUCK to everyone in 2018 and the future.

  2. Javier on January 11th, 2018 10:41 pm

    Keep up the great work and keep working hard to accomplish your future goals.

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What was your big accomplishment in 2017?