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Is your car ready for winter?

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Is your car ready for winter?

Edwin Sanchez, Reporter

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Winter is coming and that means dropping tempters and possibly heavy snow fall.  That being is your car ready for winter?

A survey question was handed out to a 100 Morton east student with the question “Are you and your family getting your car ready for winter?” And only 28 students said yes. It is not as necessary to winterize a car as many people think but it is suggested because it makes the car more safer and easier to ride in the snow. 

“It`s not hard at all really, I just have to change my tires and change the oil,” Senior Ulices Frutos said.

It’s as simple as that to get a car ready. It is important to change the oil because it makes the oil flow better through the car. Having the tire change is a good idea because it gets more grip to the ground and it won’t slide when you drive. Changing the tires is vital when it comes to snowy weather. Throughout the year, about 24% of car crashes are due to snow and sleet on the road. There are some other things that could help you get ready for winter and you don’t have to change much to your car. 

“A scraper, new lights and a heater would be good to keep in the car,” Senior Jaquelin Duran said.

She mentioned one of the many things that don’t need installation to the car, a scraper, to get rid of  ice of the windows. To get your car ready for winter you could get things to keep in the car in case you get you get into any trouble in the snow. Jumper cables, flashlight, radio, road salt or cat litter for traction, etc. Many of these things could be found in the store for cheap. New lights would also be good since it gets darker earlier in the winter so that means much more people would have to drive in the dark more often. It would be a good idea to have working heaters as well just so nobody would have to drive in the cold 

“No, I don’t think getting a car ready for winter is expensive, there is not that many things to change,” Miguel Chacon said.

That of what Miguel said is true. Having the tires change could be as low as $60 or $15 per tire, changing the oil is minimum of $20.

“I hear many people are getting their car changed to a four-wheel drive and I feel that part is expensive,” Rosario Sanchez said.

Converting a car to a four-wheel drive is to improve traction to any dangerous road such as snow. Having that done is not cheap as it could go up to a $1000. Some say it is not really necessary to change to a four wheel-drive while others say better safe than sorry. 

In conclusion, It is easy, simple and inexpensive to get a car ready for winter.

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Is your car ready for winter?