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East students are overwhelmed

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East students are overwhelmed

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It’s almost the end of the first semester, and students are overwhelmed with school work being given to them.

In a survey conducted at Morton East High school, 83 out of a 100 students said “yes” to being overwhelmed with their current classes. On November 13, a senior at Naperville North High School, Tessa Newman, was furious when learning about the death of a classmate due to the overwhelmed pressure and anxiety the student felt in school. In response to the news, Tessa wrote and signed a petition to have the Naperville North Pressure Culture Change which caused a debate in the community and its surroundings. At Morton East High School, students are falling behind due to the required CA assignments from all their classes.   As of finals, Morton East calculated about 1,862 in completes throughout the school — from missing or failing CAs.

Students at Morton East high school were asked if they feel like their mental stability has been effected in school.

“Yes, in both negative and positive ways. Negative in the way that school is where the majority of my stress is stemmed from. Positive in the way that it has made me more mentally tolerant,” senior Barbra Beltran said.

Other students think the same.

“It goes both ways; if you look on the bright side, it does help you gain more knowledge but at the same time it does kill you because not only are you focusing on things to do at school but also at home,” senior Angela Hernandez said.

Other students believe that it’s more negative than positive.

“I’m stressed most of the time; I don’t have much time to do other activities other than homework, it’s causing me to feel emotionally distressed,” senior Brizet Vazquez said.

Many students feel anxious.

“Yes, I’m constantly worrying about whether or not I’ll pass a test or quiz; I study really hard to get the grade I want because if I don’t it stresses me out,” senior Daniezka Aleman said.

Underclassmen agree.

“Yes definitely, I’m lucky to finish my homework before 10:30, and it’s becoming harder and harder to successfully handle all of the things I need to get done. I constantly feel stressed about the huge amount of homework that I get daily, all the quizzes and test I have, including sports,” junior Paola Gonzalez said.

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  1. Braulio Vargas on January 8th, 2018 1:27 pm

    I like this story because it’s interesting and keeps up to date of how students are doing in the last days of the semester.

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East students are overwhelmed