Do we really care? Cookies tell the tale

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Fabian Garcia senior at Morton East receives cookies for caring for his education.

At Morton East cookies are given to students as a token of gratitude by the school usually nominated by teachers. Teachers nominate students for care cookies to show that they care for school and for the students education. In a random survey of 138 Morton East students only 53 have received care cookies. Students at Morton East actually do care but they aren’t rewarded with care cookies like their class mates. There are kids who pick up garbage left behind by other students and they don’t mind helping out cleaning because its a humanitarian duty that a lot of people carry when they care. Sometimes students go out of their way to pay for other students for lunch who cant afford to buy it. Some students at Morton East think they work hard enough to at least some recognition from their teachers.

“I’ve only received one care cookie package from out of all of the four years that I’ve been here even though I’m a good respectful student.” Senior Fabian Garcia says.

“I care for Morton a lot but not receiving care cookies doesn’t mean i don’t care.” further explains Fabian.

Many students at Morton feel that the cookies makes them feel better and do better.

“I like when I receive care cookies because it makes me feel better and it lets me know that my teachers actually appreciate all my hard work.” Kevin Cruz says.

Because the Teachers are the ones who nominate the students , their reasons for giving them out all vary.

“I give out care cookies to 75% of the time to the students who shows improvement and consistent good behavior.” said Mr. Frankfother.

Many teachers may give care cookies to students for personal achievements but many other teachers give out care cookies for nice things they do for other students or teachers.

“I’ve received care cookies before but all i did was help a students pick up his papers because they fell out of his locker.” says Sophomore Cesar Solis

At Morton East students really do care and some are rewarded but not all hero’s wear capes. Even though some students aren’t rewarded for what good deeds they do they still care a lot for the school.


















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