Wing wars: Buffalo Wild Wings versus WingStop

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Senior Diego Aguilar eats wings at WingStop.

Alfredo Saldana
Senior Diego Aguilar eats wings at WingStop.

Morton East student prefer B-Dubs… but just barely.

In a survey of 110 Morton East students –sophomores, juniors, and seniors- 51% of the students prefer the wings from Buffalo Wild Wings and 49% of the students prefer WingStop.

Wings have gotten very popular over the past years. People go eat wings at different locations or order them to go for various events such as sports. Statistics showed that over 1.23 billion wings were consumed during the past Super Bowl.

“I like B-Dubs more because there’s more locations wherever I’m at,” senior Alejandro Viramontes said.

Around the United States, there are about 650 WingStop locations, while on the other hand there’s about 1,010 Buffalo Wild Wings locations.

“I enjoy B-Dubs better because there’s more options for us to choose when I go with my friends,” senior Diego Aguilar said.

Although both locations offer plenty of sauces for the wings, Buffalo Wild Wings offers 16 different sauces while WingStop only offers you 11 kinds of sauces for your wings.

“WingStop is better cause since I don’t have a job and much cash, the wings at WingStop are cheaper and I could get a combo with fries and a drink,” sophomore Jorge Salgado said.

Buffalo Wild Wings’ prices tend to be higher than those of WingStop. For example, at WingStop… with around $12 you can buy 10 traditional wings, fries, and a drink. While at Buffalo Wild Wings, $12 is what you’ll end up paying for just the 10 traditional wings.

“Umm, B-Dubs is better because the environment is WAY better and more fun than the boring environment at WingStop,” junior Elias Salgado said.

The locations and buildings of the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants tend to be bigger, with huge plasma televisions all around the walls with different sports being shown. WingStop locations are much smaller than B-Dubs; there are usually only a couple of tables with 2 or 3 televisions inside and you usually just stay there for a bit while at Buffalo Wild Wings, one usually stays for longer periods of time.

“I really don’t mind either wings, but I Iike WingStop because it’s usually less packed and I get faster service than at B-Dubs since they’re always packed like crazy. Especially during Playoff seasons!” Summit resident Alberto ‘Tito’ Cuevas said.

At Buffalo Wild Wings there’s usually a longer wait to be seated and get service, especially if you’re going to dine-in. At WingStop one usually just gets in line to order and leave, and if you want to stay, one just has to find an open table and seat themselves.

“Whatever. I don’t care where they’re from as long as I get to stuff my face with wings,” said sophomore Jose Barraza.

The survey at Morton East was a very tight one between Buffalo Wild Wings and WingStop at almost 50/50 (51% to 49%). Both have pros and cons, and the decision is of one and depending on one’s situation with time, money, etc. Where will you buy you’re next order of wings?


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