Can video games relate to education?

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There are many people that say video games should become a sport; others say no. in a random survey of 100 Morton East students, sixty-eight percent said that it should be a sport.

Robert Morrison University in Illinois will consider League of Legends a varsity sport right up there with football, basketball, and hockey. It’s the first U.S school to do so. There will be a generous athletic scholarship available to star video game players, up to fifty percent of cost attendance will be covered. Others schools with a team are Harvard, Princeton, and MIT.

Or, is it?

“Video Games have the ability to serve as an educational source and a tool to students who learn in non-traditional ways,” senior Fabiola Avitia said.

But, there are those fully agree with this idea.

“It’s a waste of time,” junior Anayeli Saucedo said.

“Video Games becoming a sport in schools will get more students involved,” sophomore David Juarez said.

At Morton East there are students that strongly suggest the opposite.

“Study a real thing,” senior Celeste Estrada said.

Many people would disagree with Mr. Romero because video games involve a high set of mind and a lot of strategy. It also involves watching hours of film so you can become better and it also involves a five man team.

“When I think of sports I think of muscle coordination and movement I don’t think sitting down on a computer,” Mr. Romero said.

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