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Are you interested in writing senior quotes? Do all seniors deserve a quote? Did you know that there are limited spots in the yearbook for a senior quote?  

Some students may leave inside jokes, thank you notes, even a little snippet of their favorite book or movie. Some schools have selected students who are able to have a senior quote. For your quote to be able to win a spot in the yearbook you must be involved in activities, sports, etc. In a random survey of 150 Morton East students, 120 students reported that we should and 30 reported that we shouldn't.  

I want one because I want to remember. I want to remember all my friends and not just see their picture. I want people to remember my quote. Other schools are doing so why can’t we? I think it’s okay to have some stupid quotes in there mostly because it's showing that person's personality, even if you didn’t know them, you get a hint of who they were. It’s a great memory to cherish. I just think we need more than pictures to describe who we really are," senior Joshua Molina said. 

Something so small could mean a lot to some people and this is being recognized by a lot of students. Some have strong beliefs in this sort of thing and want to make the best of it while they still can. 

“When I was in high school, we didn’t have quotes, but I wish we did. I really do think it’s an important memory that students deserve to have after being in the school for four years. All their hard work to keep up with classes are paying off by graduating but having a senior quote would be like a small present. Either way, the students are paying for the yearbook and barely have a say in it so why can’t they add a small quote in it,” former student, Maritza Duarte said. 

A lot of our students want to have senior quotes because they think they deserve them -- some do, and some don’t, but that doesn’t mean a few people have to ruin it for those who've worked hard.  

“I don’t really think it’s a good idea for a student to have a quote. Yes, it would be a nice gesture but, students don’t see how hard it would be to fit over a thousand quotes. That’s why there's limited space for only those who really deserve it. When students hear about senior quotes, they automatically think about something immature. At the end not many people buy the yearbook, it would probably be a waste of money since yearbooks are already expensive enough," parent Anna Godinez said.   

Mr. Frankfother, a journalism teacher at Morton East, doesn't think it's appropriate for each student to leave words of wisdom.

"From my years of experience, I can tell you this:  most students don't really have anything so original or interesting to say.  In fact, this past year, I've been working with my seniors to make them 'enter the conversation' with a real opinion, rather than something ordinary or cliche," Mr. Frankfother said.

As you can tell many seniors strongly agree that we should, in fact, get a senior quote in the yearbook for our hard work and think we should have these memories as a small part to hold on from high school. Students are also willing to fight for the seniors next year and keep it up for the rest. Others think otherwise, and just want to keep it old fashioned. At the end of the day, students don’t make the decision to put in the quotes, but we do give our opinions in hopes that they’ll be heard.  

Lydia Duarte, reporter

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