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Morton to host rugby championship, again

America Zamora, reporter

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Morton rugby player facing opponents


It’s rugby repeat:  Morton will host the 2018 rugby state championship game again this year.

In the recent years, our Morton community has been under the rumors that we are going to host the high school rugby state championship. Last year, Morton West High School hosted it on May 28, 2017.

The boys’ and girls’ rugby team both play on the same day and on the same field, millions of high schools’ state-wide travel to Morton to compete for the championship. The number of rugby programs ranges from 226 to 555 programs all over the nation, in every state there is a high school championship and them the USA rugby hosts the national high school championship featuring the top eight nationally ranked high school’s teams to play for the national high school championship. 

One of our Morton rugby team founders, Mr. Sweeney, has finally addressed the rumors of us hosting the championship. 

“It is true, we did it in 2017 and we’re going to host it in 2018 as well,” said Mr. Sweeney 

But how is our Morton team preparing themselves for the championship? One of our Morton rugby rookies Carlos Marin can explain what the rugby team do to prepare themselves. 

“Ensure they train hard and make sure they have the best relationship with each other because that’s what sports is all about,” Junior Carlos Marin said. 

Our Morton rugby team is sponsored by Mr. Sweeney, according to rookie Carlos Marin. But unlike what Carlos said, Mr. Sweeney has a different answer on that 

“The school, in general, sponsors the team,” said Mr. Sweeney 

One thing about our Morton rugby team is that they all have the same goal which is to reach and win state championship, it’s been since 2015 for varsity level and in 2016 for JV level.  

“It’s about putting yourself there with your teammates, communication and having a good relationship with them,” Junior Carlos Marin said. 

Not only about communication and good relationships with their teammates, Mr. Sweeney wants his players to remember one key thing about being a rugby player.

“Rugby should be fun; there is that we want them to be more serious about getting better, you know as a team and as individuals, but I don’t want the focus to be on that.  This is an extracurricular activity; we want kids to learn and improve themselves, but also we want it to be fun,” said Mr. Sweeney 

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2 Responses to “Morton to host rugby championship, again”

  1. Lourdes Garcia on May 7th, 2018 10:46 am

    I am very proud for the accomplishments the Morton Rugby team has done to make our school proud. There are always negative things said about the Morton Football Team, but the Rugby team has came up to the top to show the negative people otherwise. It is very exciting knowing there are big things to come for the school, especially the Rugby players who deserve a lot of credit. They can go to school, get high grades in their classes, and do Rugbypractice and games after school.

  2. Eduardo Flores on May 7th, 2018 11:07 am

    This is great for Morton, everybody is going to know about Morton. That is going to be the second sport that Morton has exeded in, First it was soccer with one of the best players ive ever met and now rugby with some awesome and strong players. Morton has been always know for their sports since a long time ago and its good that we are staying up to their standards.

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Morton to host rugby championship, again