Morty the Mustang uncovered

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M-O-R-T-O-N, Morton is number one. When it comes to school spirit no one does it better than the one and only Morty The Mustang.

The word ’mascot’ comes from  the French term ‘mascotte’ meaning lucky charm. It was sports organizations that started to use animals as mascots to provide some extra entertainment for spectators. At first, sports teams brought along real live animals to the games. Most of these animals were predators expected to roar and strike fear into the hearts of their opponents. Most American schools have a mascot. High schools, colleges, and even middle and elementary schools typically have mascots. Most of them have their mascot created as a costume, and use this costume at sports or social events.

“Typically the SAALT club sponsors chose who become Morty through a tryout process,” assistant principal Mr. Borgardt said.

Being Morty comes with its share of responsibilities.

“He displays school spirit or that #mortonpride wherever and whenever and to represent all Mustangs past present and future,” Mr. Borgardt said.

Even though Morty has a job to do he shares the same interest of teens.

Morty stomped out the following answers to our questions:

Question: What has been your favorite thing to do?

Morty:  Interact with kids.

Question: How do you feel being the mascot of Morton East?

Morty: Love it. Two hooves up.

Question: Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Morty: No. Mustangs run free.

Question: What is your favorite color and food?

Morty: Maroon and carrots

Question: Do you like Drake?

Morty: Does a horse have a tail?

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