Lauri Markkanen: bust or star?

Is Markkanen the next big thing for the Bulls?

Is Markkanen the next big thing for the Bulls?

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Morton students agree that Lauri Markkanen will be the next all-star for the Bulls

In a survey of 100 Morton students, 70% say Lauri Makkanen will be the next all-star of the Bulls.

Thus far, Lauri Makkanen has been the foreshadowed rookie of the year, to the point that he has the signs and the makings of becoming a big elite. According to, Lauri Makkanen averages 15 points per game, 7 rebounds and 1 assist. Based on Makkanen’s player stats he’s been called the next “Dirk” as in Dirk Nowitzki who is considered one of the best power forward of all time, being called the next “Dirk”, Lauri says he is honored and he will give it his all. In a survey of 100 Morton students, 70% say Lauri Makkanen will be next all-star for the Bulls.

“The Bulls are currently a team that is in the rebuilding process, so you won’t see them in the playoffs this year. They do have one shining piece on the roster that is Lauri Markkanen. If the Bulls want to see themselves successful any time soon, a great plan would be to make this man the face of the team. He has high potential and can do more than what most big men can do. He can pass the ball, stretch the floor, and is great on defense.” Said Junior Jose Munoz.

Sophomore Alan Sotelo also seems to agree with the thoughts of Jose.

” By keeping the team centered around Markkanen, it’s easier for the Bulls to spend money on other star players, since he’s still on his rookie contract. Also, having a young core is easier to develop since they are still learning how to fit in the NBA.” Said Sophomore Alan Sotelo.

Only appraisal has been given to this young rookie. Half way into the season and these are Eric Villa’s thoughts on Lauri Markkanen.

” Compared to the rest of the rookies, Markkanen is one of the top players. Top 5 for sure. As a rookie, he’s averaging around 15 points and 8 rebounds. He’s also one of the best on the Bulls, averaging the 2nd most amount of points.”

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