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Koreas unite for Winter Olympics. Will it last?

Alexis Ramos, Emmanuel Perez, and Nicolas Rico

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North and South Korea united to host the Winter Olympics on February 8.

North and South Korea have had hot tensions at their borders since 1955 and present day. North Koreas Leader, Kim Jong-un Dictator kills his own people when they disobey his authority. A young man who went to North Korea named Otto Warmbier was prisoner for a year and died when returned his father went to Winter Olympics to show how cruel North Korea was to his son. This year’s winter Olympics shocked the world because North and South Korea agreed to host it despite their violent tensions in the past. Kim Jong-un sent his sister to the games to show that the tensions are cooling between the 2 countries.

Here is what a Morton East teacher thinks about South Korea and the US military beginning training drills on February 7 in case North Korea attacks during the Olympics.

“It’s wise because it shows when you are prepared people will think twice,” literacy teacher Mr. Asay said.

When asked if there would be conflicts in the Olympics when and where will it happen this is what a student in Morton East had to say.

“Opening ceremony but if South Korea beats North Korea, big conflicts will come,” Senior Rene Rodriguez said.

Not many people know how much a opening ceremony ticket for the winter Olympics cost here is what this Morton East student had to say

“I honestly think it’s $500,” said sophomore Emilie Ramos

When asked what they think about North and South Korea uniting for the winter Olympics this is what an anonymous source said

“Don’t know, don’t care, I don’t follow the Olympics anymore,” said an anonymous source.

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Koreas unite for Winter Olympics. Will it last?