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Thieving UCLA players should be punished, students say

Diego Rodriguez, Anthony Lopez, and Angel Moreno

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Cody Riley (left) Liangelo Ball (center) Jalen Hill (right). the three UCLA at a press conference after returning to the United States.

Morton students dish out hard punishment: they believe the three UCLA Players should lose their chances on playing for the team.

In a survey of 100 Morton East High Schools students, 69 of them believe that Liangelo Ball and company shouldn’t be able to play for the whole season. The three freshman college students; Liangelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were caught shoplifting In China last week. They were seen in multiple stores taking luxury items. The three students were later allowed to leave due to President Trump’s request. Without him, the players would’ve been likely to see 10 years of prison in China. Now in recent news, it is said that father of student Liangelo Ball, Lavar Ball, believes that he shouldn’t thank Donald Trump because he feels like he had nothing to do it. Trump has responded to him on his social media via Twitter saying ” Should have left UCLA players jailed in China,”.

“Liangelo Ball shouldn’t be able to play for UCLA anymore. He’s committed a crime so there shouldn’t be any reason to give him a chance. He’s an idiot,” senior Eric Villa said.

Sophomore Justin Lopez thinks the same.

“They should really get 2 years in jail to be honest. Also, UCLA should kick them out of the school in general since they’ve made them look bad. They went to represent the school and all they did was show disrespect by stealing,” Justin Lopez said.

Junior Jose Munoz thinks otherwise.

“In my opinion, Liangelo Ball and Company should be suspended for 3-5 games. Also, they shouldn’t be able to have foreign travels throughout the season,” Jose Munoz said.

Sophomore Alan Sotelo also agrees with giving the players a not so harsh punishment.

“I think Liangelo Ball and friends should just get suspended. People are going to think otherwise but as long as they apologize and know what they did wrong, it’s all good,” Alan Sotelo said.

Senior Luis Cano believes a bit differently than everyone else.

“They should get suspended for the whole season. Be treated as a regular student attending UCLA and when the time comes for the next season, they can play,” senior Luis Cano said.

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Thieving UCLA players should be punished, students say